10 Cards, 1 Kit |My Monthly Hero April (Part 1 of 2) + Giveaway Winner!!

Hi-ya! Hope your week has started off well 🙂

Gosh it seems so strange not to have spoken with you in two weeks! For those of you who only read the blog…my allergies went nutso week before last and I was down on the couch for most of it so I’m a bit behind. I worked on these cards a little each night of last week and am finally finished with the editing so here you go:

And here are some close-ups:


I’m so happy with how this card came out – super simple and super sweet.

1 inside

This is the only time I use those flourishes but I think they worked as great accents.

1 close

That ribbon is so lovely.


Can you tell I loved that frame die? I wanted to create a row of dancers like I’ve seen in some of the traditional dances. This is busier than my usual cards but I like the multi-layered look.

2 inside

Again, I don’t know why this is mouse themed, but I think she is totally adorable.

2 close

Prismacolors: 1008, 1009, 992, 105, 1002, 1032, 912, 109, 1068, 1072, 941, 1060, 927, 922, 928, 912, 1002, 1009


This guy is so cute – in the video you can really see him bounce around as if someone has just taken a crack at him.

3 inside

The scattered candy takes up a fair amount of room so there’s not as much space to write, but I think it’s worth the trade-off.

3 close

I’m not sure if it was the movement or the gold glitter but my camera was going crazy trying to take photos of this. It’s a bit blurry in places but it’s the best of about 20 photos.


I love the texture this fringe creates – I’m so glad I picked this up as an additional die.

4 inside

I forgot to write down the colors for this but I used mostly the same colors as in other scenes and I have listed those.  (Can you tell my head has been full?)

4 close

Again that ribbon – so beautiful!


Can’t you just hear that snake hissing?

5 inside

I love when I can make a little cluster of things inside the card too. I’m not loving the black ink though, if I did this again I would do everything in the green.

5 close

Prismacolors: 109, 1097, 912, 1005, 989, 913, 1012, 1098, 949, 916, 913, 994, 995, 922, 992

Thanks for stopping by today – let me know in the comments below which card was your favorite! xoxo, Sarah

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