March Madness | Spring Mini Pocket Letter feat. Maggie Holmes Bloom


Welcome to March Madness Week 2!! I can’t believe we’re a week in already. Today I’m sharing a mini pocket letter I made using the Bloom collection from Maggie Holmes – one of my favorites. Who am I kidding…all her collections are my favorites! Here’s what I came up with:

I’m trying to change things up with my photos, sorry they’re not super great this time. I can’t seem to get the lighting quite right and I tried using my phone, but they’re a bit washed out.


I’m really happy with how this turned out. Bloom is full of such pretty pieces.


I love the dimension those flowers give – they are a bit of work to put together, but so worth it.


That butterfly paper is one of my favorites – I love the mix of small and large polka-dots.


And swans are always so lovely.


In the back, I added some goodies – a large paperclip, (I’ll tuck my letter in there too)


washi tape,


and some extra flowers and leaves.


The butterfly panel was my favorite so I pulled that out so you can get a good look without any glare. xoxo, Sarah

This collection is fairly old, but I’ve linked to what I could find below:

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