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Club EP | Mini Pumpkin Album

Hello Hello…

I’m very excited to share today’s project with you! If you remember when I did the Club EP unboxing, there was a photo of a beautiful pumpkin album and I mentioned I was thinking of giving it a try….well, I did. This was A LOT of work but really very worth it in the end.

Echo Park includes some instructions and I’ve used those as a guideline as I put mine together and then they left several pages blank for us to fill in however we’d like – I have filled mine in to give you a few more layout ideas. Here is the video of how I put everything together:

I intended to share my design space link with you to save you all the work but Cricut won’t allow me to make it public becaue it has uploaded images in it. So…I’m including photos of the layout and measurments to make it a little easier on you (hopefully).

All measurments are listed W x H and I’m working across the row and then down the column.

White pumpkin base: 5.796 x 5.405

Pumpkin backgrounds: 5.616 x 5.228

Pumpkin Stem: 1.584 x 1.331

Pumpkin bottom (dark orange overlay): 5.441 x 3.909

Black leaves (select all of them together): 8.86 x 4.579

White Tag (cut 3): 2.297 x 3.094

Orange Tag: 1.969 x 2.586

Notebook edge pocket: 4.335 x 1.83

Lt. orange rectangle: 2.715 x 3.376

Dk. orange rectamgle: 2.89 x 3.505

White picture fold (cut 4): 5.009 x 3.275, score down center

Blue rectangle: 2.383 x 3.135

Mint rectangle: 4.131 x 2.478

White rectangle (cut 4): 3.468 x 2.697

Red rectangle: 3.831 x 3.046

Blue rectangle: 3.641 x 2.781

Red rectangle: 2.676 x 3.345

Gray rectangle: 2.447 x 3.183

Leaf sprig (cut 2): 3.021 x 2.49


Since I left in the full process of how I created all the pages I’m not going to type any additional info under these still shots (I want to get working on the next project for you!) However, if you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can.


Thanks so much for stopping by today! xoxo, Sarah

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