Happy Mail | Mini Album feat. Jen Hadfield Along The Way

Hello There!

Hope you’ve had a great week so far – it’s been sunny and a little warmer here the last few days so I think maybe Spring has finally arrived. (Don’t worry I just knocked on wood). So I’ve been taking it easy the past few days to recover from the whirlwind of March Madness but will be back to more regular posting next week. In the meantime, I was inspired by some goodies from Alexandra to finally get moving on a little memory album celebrating the Condo I purchased about 6 months ago. I used the Jen Hadfield Along the Way collection and here is what I came up with:

Here are some still shots of the finished project:


I love how the cover turned out – that doilie works great to ground the stickers and add in a little more dark gray from the house. I still may find a spot for that key sticker too – it’s just too perfect to leave off!

front close2

Here I’ve added a little band to tuck a photo and tag behind.


That bike was one of my favorite stickers. I have a pretty picture of the outside of my building with some flowering trees that is going to look perfect with it.


I added a full pocket here to slide in a tag and maybe a photo or two.


Here’s another tuck spot for a journaling tag and more photos – I really like when you can secure the photos but still take them out to look at, it makes an album much more interactive and fun to look at.


Here I did include some photos of my Charlie – he is the cutest, but I’m not biased at all! I stitched along the top and then ended up gluing these photos down because the flower sticker wasn’t quite strong enough to tuck behind.


Using a brad is another way to add in more photos to a small spot – you can always close them together to fit inside and it again adds some interaction for whoever is looking through it.


I tried to vary how I added in the photos so here I’m using a belly band instead of a tuck spot. I’ve added in 2 tags, a photo, ephemera piece and I could fit a few more photos if I need.


This tuck spot is doing double-duty – I added the score tape in the middle so I can tuck a photo into the top and bottom.


Again these stickers are too light to tuck behind so I’ve taped down the bottom portion and then will glue this down completely once I have the final picture in place.


This is sot of a combo tuck spot/belly band – behind that I’ve added some photos and a little bag. The right side of that white pattern panel is open to slide in some tags and extra photos.

11 close

Here’s a close up of that pretty floral.


Wanting a little more interaction, I decided to make a little accordion folded spot for photos and journaling. Again I added a spot to tuck it for storage and on this you’ll see that I’ve added a lot more tape than usual, leaving only a small section so it’s held in nice and tight.

12 stretch

Here’s a look at that fully unfolded.


On the last page is a spot for some final thoughts and I’ve left the bottom portion open so I can add a few more pages if necessary.


Finally, I finished off the back with a single piece of ephemera.

As always thanks for joining me today – hope I gave you some inspiration to get crafty this weekend! xoxo, Sarah


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